GIS Mapping

Welcome to November 17th 2021, the 22nd annual GIS Day! GIS is an acronym for Geographic Information System, and it is a framework for gathering, organizing, and visualizing geographic data. Southeastern Surveying and Mapping Corporation (SSMC) began providing GIS services in year 2000 when it acquired Engineering and Land Systems (ELS) from its owner, Brian Garvey, P.E. Brian has been the leader of SSMC’s GIS Division for the previous 21 years, developing the concept of GIS into an invaluable service for SSMC’s clients. SSMC’s mandate is to measure, map and inform our clients. The GIS Division’s role is to understand what information our clients need and how they intend to use it, and then to craft a GIS framework to gather, organize and present the information in a way to best serve our clients.

SSMC’s GIS Division is continually innovating to develop the most cost-effective means for gathering the appropriate spatial information. First using publicly available GIS data in the office to analyze our clients study area to focus our field efforts. Then going into the field to gather the needed data using traditional survey methods, RTK-GPS, sub-meter hand-held GPS receivers, SSMC’s Street View Mobile Mapping Systems, and other remote sensing techniques. Our GIS Division skilled team of Engineers, Surveyors, and Geographic Information Systems Professionals (GISPs) work to the gathered data in a way that is most meaningful to our clients. And finally, presenting that information using databases, compiled reports, and web applications in a way that will best suit the needs of those who will use the information. We hope you have a wonderful GIS Day, and we look forward to another year as a member of the GIS Community and serving our clients.