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Hydrographic Surveys

Experienced Hydrographic Surveyors

Hydrographic surveying is used to collect data in relation to bodies of water including bottom depth configuration, directions and forces of currents, heights and times of water stages, and locations of fixed objects for survey or navigation purposes. With so much of Florida being submerged, we have executed thousands of hydrographic surveys.

  • Pond As‐Builts
  • Residential Canals
  • Cross Section Comparisons
  • Underwater Location
  • Navigable Waterways
  • Mean and Ordinary High Water
  • FDEP Surveys for Submerged Land

All surveys are completed in-house and range from force of current to as‐builts for channel dredging activities. Utilizing the most current technology for remote sensing sonar coupled with our institutional knowledge and resources, we offer unique packages that are not available in the industry. We execute projects of all sizes and deliver data tailored to your requirements.

Hydrographic Survey

Data Collection & Processing

Engaging the right hydrographic surveyor in your venture is important to ensuring the success and safety of your project. As one of the leading providers in Florida, we have the extensive background and knowledge needed to execute jobs safely, accurately, and on time. Give us a call or submit a contact form request to get started! Once we have an idea of your requirements and schedule, we can discuss services and next steps.

Our main specialties include Orlando land surveying and mapping, Orlando subsurface utility engineering (SUE), Tampa land surveying and mapping, Tampa subsurface utility engineering (SUE), Jacksonville land surveying and mapping, Jacksonville subsurface utility engineering (SUE), Chipley land surveying and mapping, Chipley subsurface utility engineering (SUE), and Dothan land surveying and mapping. We have a dedicated customer service team available during normal hours to address scheduling and address any questions or concerns.


SSMC provides spatial and construction solutions for clients throughout Florida and the Southeastern portion United States. We utilize the latest and most proven technologies in the industry to execute every project with the highest level of precision, safety, and efficiency.