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Remote Sensing/LiDAR

LiDAR Mapping Services

Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) is a laser scan process that provides high‐definition survey data. LiDAR data is used for design, modeling, and simulation in 2D, 3D, and 4D formats. SSMC provides a wide collection of deliverables including Revit, derived from terrestrial static, stop-and‐go, mobile, and aerial LiDAR scanning. Using Certainty 3D’s TopoDOT™ software, we can effectively and efficiently process field‐collected LiDAR data from a variety of sources. Our specialties include:

  • LiDAR Data Management
  • UAV Imagery & Terrain Modeling
  • Mobile LiDAR
  • Power Line Surveys

While LiDAR data collection can be perplexing, the real challenge is taking the massive amounts of point data, called a “point cloud,” and efficiently processing, analyzing, and delivering products to meet client requirements. The key to any successful LiDAR project is efficient point cloud data management, consistent data processing, and delivery. We are a full‐service terrestrial mobile and static LiDAR services firm that strives to assist clients and partners in executing successful projects.

Remote Sensing/LiDAR

LiDAR Mapping & Data Collection

SSMC executes static and terrestrial LiDAR projects in the state of Florida including mobile LiDAR projects for the City of Tampa, terrestrial/aerial LiDAR projects for energy transmission companies, and static LiDAR projects for a variety of clients. We recently completed over 10 miles of terrestrial LiDAR scanning for a Central Florida corridor improvement project using Certainty 3D’s TopoLIFT™/RIEGL VZ400 System and TopoDOT™ software. We have also completed material volumetric stockpile scans for a variety of clients to assist with fiscal audit requirements.

If you are planning an upcoming project and seeking a qualified LiDAR company for assistance, contact our team today by phone or online form request. We provide a range of services throughout the Southeastern portion of the United States. including Orlando land surveying and mappingOrlando subsurface utility engineering (SUE)Tampa land surveying and mappingTampa subsurface utility engineering (SUE)Jacksonville land surveying and mappingJacksonville utility location engineering (SUE), Chipley subsurface utility engineering (SUE), Chipley land surveying and mapping, and Dothan land surveying and mapping.


SSMC provides spatial and construction solutions for clients throughout Florida and the Southeastern portion United States. We utilize the latest and most proven technologies in the industry to execute every project with the highest level of precision, safety, and efficiency.