Rebecca Gardiner‐Bess, Esq

Rebecca Gardiner‐Bess, Esq

General Counsel

The SSMC Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Rebecca Gardiner‐Bess has been promoted to the position of General Counsel for Southeastern Surveying & Mapping Corporation.

As General Counsel, Rebecca is responsible for protecting our company’s legal interests and maintaining its operations within the scope established by law. She will be providing hands‐on counsel to all levels of the executive staff and manage the operations of the legal department. Her role as General Counsel is also to guide and shape the development of company programs, strategic planning, implementation, and management of company operations.

Rebecca also acts as Administrative Director for the Administrative (non‐production) staff companywide and as such coordinates with the Functional Supervisors in each office, regarding the performance of the Administrative staff related to the assignment and distribution of work, training, scheduling, task assignments, and checking on work performed.

Rebecca joined Southeastern Surveying and Mapping Corporation in 2012 as a Contracts Administrator. She was admitted as a member of the Florida Bar in 2011 after earning her Law degree from the Florida A & M University, College of Law that same year. Rebecca serves on the Eminent Domain Committee and the Governmental and Public Policy Advocacy Committee for the Florida Bar as well. At the July 30, 2019 Board of Directors meeting, SSMC’s Board voted unanimously to appoint Rebecca to SSMC’s Board of Directors. As a member of the Board, Rebecca will join with the other Board members, the SSMC Leadership Council, and the ESOP Communications Committee to help to grow, enhance, and serve our Company of Owners.